Embrace the energy of creativity and good vibes through my pieces.


musubi man

One of my favorite things to collect are stickers. It is such a fun way for an artist to showcase their art in a small form.

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mermaid cuff

This was my first piece where I gave myself total creative freedom and it still is my favorite one I've ever made.

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Lei Po'o

Any chance I can get, I make lei of all kinds. I love giving them away as gifts for special occasions, or just because.

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Greeting cards

Soulmate Card

I love quirky greeting cards, the type you can't find at big name brand stores or the type that perfectly describe how you feel.

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Get to Know Me: A Little About My Store!

I love creating, learning new things, pushing the limits, and meeting new people! I try not to limit myself to one type of craft, hence why there is so much in my shop haha! I try to embrace positive energy and love into each one of my pieces. I hope you enjoy!